We are a team of highly skilled, experienced professionals specialising in building green. Not only do we bring outstanding craftsmanship and care to our work, but we also develop a personal connection with every project we work on.

Additional to the our core team are a range of supporting trade contractors and professional consultants. We have worked with these loyal contractors and consultants for a long time. They are tried and trusted, and bring the highest standards of quality and sustainability to each project, all seeking to create a eco building.



Sharon is one of a handful of interior designers in Australia who focuses exclusively on green and sustainable interiors. She works closely with clients to uncover what really matters to them to create intimate, green, healthy homes. Sharon believes that it’s simply unacceptable to use products and materials that contain harmful chemicals. To combat this she maintains an up-to-date database of new materials, products and methodologies that offer superior, healthier alternatives. As a result Sharon creates interiors that are not only unique but are healthier for you to live in, with a reduced impact on the earth’s resources.

Sharon’s love of mid-century homewares has her probably spending too long trawling op-shops, recycling centres and ebay. She keeps her sanity by doing yoga and losing herself in tales of the human journey. Send Sharon an email.



With over 25 years experience in design and construction, Darryn believes that to create a truly green, sustainable building the design and construction should be integrated as one. With both disciplines working in harmony, Darryn is able to ensure a project is well run, is as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible and once complete, brings a smile to your face. Working closely with clients Darryn is always a frank and open communicator whose design knowledge and construction experience mean clients enjoy a trouble-free experience, resulting in a home of outstanding quality and environmental credentials.
Most weekends Darryn can be found out and about kayaking, surfing, mountain biking or hiking. He is a timber scavanger and can’t help but trying to ‘re-house’ all of the ‘lost and homeless’ timber thoughtlessly discarded by people. His vegie garden is a source of frustration as he has to constantly fight to share the fruits of his labour with the local native wildlife. Send Darryn an email.