Looking to the future

Jill and Cary had an older style house in Collaroy that they wanted to update to be more sustainable house and be suitable for them as they grow older. This eco building needed to be flexible enough for the couple to comfortably live in and maintain, yet large enough to accommodate extended family and visitors. Keen gardeners, they also wanted a virtually unlimited water supply.

Time to start fresh

After a lot of agonising and consideration we decided that it was best to say goodbye to the old house and to build anew. The goal of creating a green and sustainable compact home with single level living, yet with enough space for guests and grand kids was met with our two linking pavilions design: a single storey section for living and a two-storey area for sleeping.

The new home was positioned on the north/south-oriented site to make the most of the natural elements including the cooling north-easterly breezes in summer. The living pavilion (also oriented to be north-facing) provides maximum passive solar performance, while the sleeping pavilion incorporates a two-storey glazed void that acts as a breezeway/suntrap to provide light, ventilation and passive warmth.

High thermal mass comes from concrete floors and reverse brick veneer walls, while natural cross-ventilation comes from strategic window and door placement, eliminating the need for air conditioning.

A 3kW photovoltaic energy system normally provides virtually all of the power needs for the house. There’s a water recycling system to treat all household grey water to class A quality which allows it to be re-used in toilets, the washing machine and to water the gardens. This ensures that a high percentage of household water is actually used twice. Additionally, all household potable water is supplied from a 24,000 litre water tank, making the eco home fully self-sufficient for water. Recycled elements, including recycled timber and steel reinforcing in the concrete slab were included in the home, along with low and zero VOC finishes and water and energy efficient appliances and fixtures throughout.

To quote jill and cary...

"I felt very comfortable with your abode straight away, they seemed to understand what we wanted....."
"As far as the finished product goes, your abode really delivered"    
"I would recommend your abode...because I really believe they know what they are talking about"