What We Do

We are designers and builders of sustainable houses and renovations including Passive Houses and renovations.

With our in-house team we look after your building design, your interior design and your construction. This means we assume the full responsibility for your project, ensuring that the transition from design to construction is seamless. 

Because we are builders as well as designers, we have an intimate understanding of construction costs whilst working on your design. This reduces the risk of your project being fully designed, only to discover it exceeds your budget. We carry out regular budget 'reality checks' with you during the design process to ensure that the project can be delivered within your expectations.

Our approach takes into account the unique qualities of your site, and builds upon your individual needs and wants. Every one of our projects is the distillation of our desire to create houses that are as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible, whilst being truly unique, inviting and genuinely well crafted. 

Our projects produce minimal waste, have better indoor air quality, are more water and energy efficient and have minimal environmental impacts compared to the majority of housing designed and built today, they are truly an eco house.