Tony and Heidi had a very original Federation house with a poorly designed and built 1980s addition to the rear of the house. The house did not accomodate their growing family and the previous addition to the rear created a disjointed living space. As a result of this, the house was dark in winter, so Heidi and Tony set out to create a more comfortable and liveable house.


To address the clients need for better designed living space, the Architect reconfigured the previous living/dining/kitchen area so that the kitchen/dining was now located on the Northern side of the house receiving excellent solar access. A new master bedroom, ensuite and office area was added in a new first floor area, neatly inserted within the existing roof profile so as to be virtually invisible from the street.

Simple external shading devices were utilised to manage any heat gain in summer . Natural cross-ventilation designed to pick up the cooling summer sea breeze comes from strategic window and door placement whilst ceiling fans provide active cooling when necessary.

All water fixtures and appliances have high WELS ratings, which contribute to minimum water usage. The house makes substantial use of recycled and reclaimed timber with hardwood reclaimed from the previous roof structure recycled into the new staircase and balustrade. Highly rated insulation materials, low e glass in windows and doors, energy efficient appliances and fixtures were installed throughout the home. All paint finishes are low and zero VOC and sustainably forested, super low formaldehyde emission plywood was also utilised for the kitchen cabinetry to round out this simple, sustainable and healthy renovation.

Architect: Rena Czaplinska-Archer