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Passive solar design allows just the right amount of sun and light into a space to illuminate, collect and distribute the sun's warmth in winter, whilst protecting against unwanted heat gain in summer. Optimising the orientation and positioning of your home enables the breeze to cross ventilate through windows and doors. Allowing the air to effectively flow through a house, keeps it cool and fresh without the use of air-conditioning. Harvesting rainwater with systems that accumulate and store rainwater gives a ready supply of free water for reuse within your house. Water efficient fixtures and fittings will stretch your water supply to its maximum. Reduce, recycle, reclaim and reuse. This will minimise environmental impacts through reducing the use of new raw materials and reducing waste. By always sourcing the most sustainable materials possible, you will minimise your impact on the ecology of the earth. Designing interiors with natural ventilation and light, and by choosing products and materials with zero or low VOCs will create a healthy indoor environment. This means that you and your family enjoy the benefits of living in a healthy home.